About us

Hi, welcome to STP Perspectives, Adriana and Jes here! We are two soon-to-be clinical scientists training towards becoming fully-fledged Clinical Bioinformaticians in Genomics. 

We’re completing our training through a scheme called the STP; the Scientist Training Programme. You may be wondering: what is the STP? Well, it’s a training scheme run by the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) providing individuals with the opportunity to fast track their training to become registered clinical scientists in 25 different specialisms by combining work-based and academic learning.

We set up this blog in August 2017, hoping to promote healthcare science and create a platform for trainee healthcare scientists to share their experiences. From the two of us, with a couple of ideas, we’ve grown to be a community of over 25 contributors with over 70 posts.

We hope this can be a resource for people interested in becoming healthcare or clinical scientists to learn more about the training, or simply a pleasant read for anyone interested in the field.

We’re always looking to grow this community and hope trainees in various specialisms can share their experiences, as well as provide advice, reflections and things we’ve learned so far.

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All opinions expressed on this blog are of the trainees and do not reflect those of the National School, NHS or any other professional body.