Trainee Networks | How the London Network has shaped my STP experience

The STP can be extremely daunting. When starting back in 2018, I was absolutely terrified about beginning a new career in a specialism I wasn’t hugely familiar with and in a city much bigger than I was used to. A key decision that helped me calm these anxieties and settle into STP life, was getting involved with the London Healthcare Scientist Trainee Network (HCSTN). Their events and socials were critical experiences that helped me meet new friends, gain insight from other trainees and contributed to my development as a healthcare scientist.

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The Role of Regional Trainee Networks

Haroon Chughtai (3rd year Clinical Bioinformatics – Physical Sciences STP, Clinical Bioinformatics – Physical Sciences & Health Informatics Trainee Representative, Co-Chair London Healthcare Science Trainee Network)

We heard earlier from Sarah Green about the role of trainee representatives in the STP, and how these included those from specialisms as well as regional networks. Whilst it is very true that a lot of the work of the regional trainee networks involves representation at local and national levels, there is also a lot more to it.

As the end of my training hurtles relentlessly towards me, I’m taking a moment away from MSc project and competencies to reflect on why I think that regional trainee networks are vital, and why every trainee should be involved with them in some way.

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