A warm goodbye and an exciting hello

Dear trainees, training officers and fellow clinical scientists,

After three years of competencies and never ending acronyms, we have finished the STP (hopefully successfully but we shall see). Both of us have successfully interviewed and accepted positions as clinical bioinformaticians in our host departments and will soon be calling ourselves Clinical Scientists. The new title has come with increased responsibility and an exponentially growing amount of work.

At this time, considering our daily perspectives will not be of the STP, but of routine clinical care we have decided to take a step back from the blog and let someone else take over and share their experience with you. 

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Erin and Rachel, two trainees in Clinical Bioinformatics – Genomics (continuing the trend) who are just starting their second year and are based in London. Rachel & Erin have agreed to take care of this community we’ve built with your help over the last two years, and we are excited for the blog to get a fresh new perspective. 

What does this mean for us? Although we both are yet to write our final reflections (we know you must be eager to read about our IACC adventures), we are leaving the daily management in very capable hands and we will be in the background supporting them if they need us.

Thank you to everyone that contributed, commented and retweeted. Our goal was to create a resource to help fellow and potential trainees and from all your feedback we feel like we have somewhat succeeded. This blog has truly been one of the most rewarding aspects of the STP, so we hope you will keep supporting STP perspectives and send in your posts and reflections. Everyone’s training is different so it has been wonderful to see what is happening around the country and in different specialisms.

So please welcome to the STP perspectives family: Rachel and Erin.

It’s been a pleasure,

Adriana & Jes

Author: Adriana

I am a Clinical Bioinformatician based at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and a Regional Training Lead for Health Education England. I am all for increasing genomics awareness in and out of healthcare and interested in bioinformatics and genomics and general healthcare science.

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