You got an offer. What now?

So the wait is over. You finally got an offer for the Scientist Training Programme!


All the hard work has paid off and you are a few months away from joining our very exclusive club of Healthcare Scientists. I bet you are excited, and so are we. Excited to welcome you to our Trusts and help you start your healthcare journey.

Editors note: This post was written for the 2019 application process and might not be accurate for future years.

So you got your offer. What to do now?

First and foremost, make sure you accept, reject or hold your offer within 48 hours of receiving your offer. More information on how to manage your offer can be found here. If you don’t make a decision within the allocated time your offer will be marked as expired and will be offered to the next person in line. This means, if you are on the reserve list, there is definitely still a chance for you to get an offer. So be patient. Some people have been offered two specialisms and they can only choose one, there are more offers to be sent out.

You accepted an offer. What now?

You have to be a little bit more patient. After all the reshuffling, final offers should be sent some time at the end of May/start of June. This means that your host Trusts will not receive your information until all this is finalised. After that you should receive an email with the name and email of a contact for your host laboratory and your information will be passed to the Trust’s HR & Recruitment services for checks, referencing and final offers. All this will depend on your host Trust which can be anytime from late July to late-August.

In the meantime, some of us are on Twitter, or you can contact us here and we would be happy to provide insights into our specialisms, host Trusts and practical issues about relocating to our lovely cities.

The Student Room is also an excellent place to meet fellow trainees from your specialism or people that have been offered other specialisms in the same Trust. Go have a look if you haven’t done so already.

If you do try and contact the laboratories themselves, training officers or clinical scientists from your allocated Trust, bear in mind, they are very very very busy individuals so don’t expect an instant reply.

Something to look forward to.

The STP Induction this year will be on the 9th of September, in Birmingham. This will be your first opportunity to meet with your specialism cohort, the people that you will go to university with and share your day-to-day triumphs and problems until you are fully qualified Clinical Scientists. This will also be an opportunity to meet some of the Trainee Network representatives and sign up for your respective networks.

So not long now, a little bit more patience and you can soon proudly call yourselves STPs.

Hope this helps.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below.

Author: Adriana

I am a Clinical Bioinformatician based at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and a Regional Training Lead for Health Education England. I am all for increasing genomics awareness in and out of healthcare and interested in bioinformatics and genomics and general healthcare science.

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