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Welcome to STP perspectives, a blog run by trainee clinical scientists undertaking the NSHCS’s Scientist Training Programme.

We are a group of soon-to-be clinical scientists training towards becoming fully-fledged Clinical Bioinformaticians in Genomics. As we approach the end of the first year of our training, we want to share our journey so far, what we are currently up to and things we find interesting.

You may be wondering: what is the Science Training Programme? Well, it’s a training scheme run by the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) which provides individuals the opportunity to fast track their training to becoming registered clinical scientists in 23 different specialisms by combining work-based and academic learning.

We hope this can be a resource for people interested in becoming a healthcare or clinical scientists to learn more about the training, or simply a pleasant read for anyone interested in the field of clinical bioinformatics.

As our blog grows we hope to invite people training in various specialisms to share their experiences, talk to qualified scientists about what they enjoy most about their jobs and the role they play in providing a quality service to patients as well as sharing our research and learning experiences.

Please visit our trainee profiles page to find out more about the trainees behind the blog and follow us on Twitter!

All opinions expressed on this blog are of the trainees and do not reflect those of the national school, NHS or any other professional body.

Author: Jes

I am a trainee clinical bioinformatician working at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. I am passionate about increasing awareness and discussion about healthcare science and particularly the routes into the field.

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